Through trial and error we have found the tools and equipment we love most to make living with and training dogs easier and more fun.  If you need some help finding the right options for you and your dog, we are happy to help – we carry limited stock of a few of our favorites.

Brilliant K9 Harness

Brilliant K9 is local to Central Ohio and makes wonderful ergonomic harnesses that are durable and easy on/off.  Delighted Dog Training Academy can fit and demo harnesses during training sessions so you have the chance to experience it first hand and decide if you would like one!  We love all of the custom colors and patches.  Since each harness is customized to the dog, we can fit and place a custom order for your dog, or you can purchase directly through Brilliant K9.

Custom Leashes and Long Lines

We love these leashes, and found that they make dogs and their people happy too!  We keep a small stock of 8 foot and 15 foot lines for purchase, or can custom order color, length and special options (like floating lines for swimming)!  These lines are friendly on the hands, and we can teach you how to handle a longer line to reduce pulling and make your walks more pleasant.  A long line is a safe alternative to a retractable leash.

Balance Harness

We carry all sizes of the Balance Harness and will be happy to fit and demo as part of a training session!  This is a great piece of equipment for monster pullers and Houdini dogs that like to escape their equipment.  This harness has 2 points of attachment, and allows the dog full freedom of motion.  We think the best part is the buckle neck – no more putting something over the dog’s head or picking up their feet!  Not a client, but would like a harness?  Contact us!

Pet Tutor

We use a programmable automatic feeder for some clients, and no fail everyone will ask about purchasing one!  We know that they aren’t for everyone, but if you would love one of your own, just click below!