Remote Behavior Consulting

The COVID-19 pandemic forced us to switch to working with our clients remotely in March 2020, and in person sessions didn’t resume until June of 2021.  We have been pleasantly surprised at how effective remote consulting works for you and your dogs, so we will continue to offer this service for those who are not ready to meet in person, dogs that are too uncomfortable with unfamiliar people to work effectively in person (can switch to in person when they are ready) and those too far away for in person meetings to make sense.  Dogs that have human directed fearful or aggressive behavior or separation related behavior may be required to start with remote sessions.

  • Almost any behavior can be addressed, in some cases remote meetings may be a better choice, if not, we will direct you to the best option
  • Establish the foundations before the added distraction and stress of working with a stranger
  • Scheduling can be more flexible and a shorter 30 minute option is available
  • Access to professional knowledge and skills without risking the health of your family during the COVID pandemic
  • We won’t judge if you are in your PJs or your kids make goofy cameos mid session

How can I participate in remote behavior consulting?

If you have a good high speed internet connection or data service to a device with video and microphone capabilities (phone, laptop, tablet) you should be able to meet with us!  We send you a link to join the meeting, where we will be able to see and talk with each other.  Some devices may need to download an app – you will be prompted when you click the link, so just click it a few minutes before the first meeting in case you need to do that.  Be sure to allow your device to share video and audio.

What should I expect when working with you remotely?

Private consults will be similar to what we would do in person.  We will discuss your dog’s behavior, your goals, set up a safety and management plan and work on foundations in the first meeting.  You will get follow up with links to the recording of the session, your case notes, handouts and other media that will help you understand what we went over and what to practice.  Follow up sessions are shorter, and most clients will meet every other week.

Seminar recordings for How to Train, Dog Body Language and Potty Training were available prior to the pandemic and continue to be available.  These are great resources.  Most families will benefit from the foundations.

What will remote meetings cost?

  • Initial Remote Private Session – 90 min – $175
  • Follow Up Remote Private Session – 60 min – $125
  • Follow Up Remote Private Session – 30 min – $70
  • Potty Training Seminar – $25
  • How to Train/Dog Body Language Seminar – $35


Private Session

Group Session