Puppy Training

Raising a puppy right is hard work.  There is so much to learn in a short amount of time.  We want to give you the resources you need to help your puppy be the best they can be!  You can utilize our free resources, online seminars, and join us in class.

Puppy Passports:  

You are desperate for the information you need for puppy raising NOW.  We don’t want you to wait, so we have launched Puppy Passports, and hope you will find it to be a useful reference and touchpoint for the important time sensitive information you need right away.



Both live and recorded video on demand seminars are available.  Our How to Train and Dog Body Language Seminar is a great foundation for all dogs.  You can also check out our VOD Potty Training Seminar .


Puppy Support Group $120: Four 60 minute sessions

Our puppy class is focused on the time sensitive topics you need to start your puppy off right.  Class is open to puppies 7 to 13 weeks with at least one set of core vaccines completed at least 1 week before the start of class.  Our class won’t work for you?  Please check out the class at OSU Behavior, they have a great puppy class.  We will be happy to see you back to continue with Delightful Dog Skills and Manners when your puppy is finished with their vaccinations.

  • Modern, reward based training methods
  • Learn how to teach your puppy to be brave and resilient
  • We cover socialization, puppy biting, resource guarding, introduce handling for grooming and vet care, and learn some fun tricks
  • Evening and weekend classes available
  • Small class size for lots of one on one attention – max 4 dogs