Hunting for resources?  We would rather point you in the right direction than leave you to fend for yourself.  It is easy to find outdates and poor quality information.  There is real potential for harm, but most of the time the information will be confusing or ineffective.  You wouldn’t go to the public pool to poll people for parenting advice – likewise, don’t assume people at the dog park know what they are talking about!  If you aren’t ready to hire a pro, be sure the resources you are using are high quality, and the information is evidence based and up to date!

Puppy Passports

We are developing a free resource for people who are getting or have a new puppy.  There is so much time sensitive information, and we know it is hard to get the most important nuggets that you need right when you need them.  Puppy Passports is a work in progress, and we will continue to update it, but we hope you find the resources helpful.  Of course, you are welcome to schedule with us if you need additional help.


Emily Larlham at Kikopup posts some of the best force free training videos out there.  She has clever and efficient training methods – and they are fun for the dog and the person!

Chirag Patel also has many great videos – you can check out his channel at Domesticated Manners.

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy offers a wide variety of classes remotely – there are different levels of support and feedback for each session.  If you are looking to build skills and relationship with your dog, this is a great way to access world class instructors for almost any discipline.

Grisha Stewart also has a great channel.  She also has a paid site with resources and support at her Animal Building Blocks Academy.  She is known for her empowerment philosophy, and development of the BAT training protocol for reactive dogs.  She has a lot of great videos that will help you think about your relationship with your dog.


The hardest part in choosing training information on Amazon, if you just don’t know if the content will fit your training philosophy.  It is no fun to get a book or video only to find it is full of information you don’t want to use.  If you shop with Dogwise and Tawzer dog, the information will be prescreened!


With proper training, dogs can learn to love wearing a muzzle.  Take the time to get the right equipment and train, so your dog can be comfortable when they need to be muzzled.  All dogs benefit from this training, but any dog who might bite other dogs or people should be muzzled if there is any chance they will come in contact with their triggers.  For all things muzzle – check out the Muzzle Up Project.  Our favorite step by step video for muzzle training is at the Domesticated Manners page.  The Baskerville Ultra is the easiest to find, and best fitting muzzle for most dogs.  If you need help finding a muzzle for a dog that can’t fit a Baskerville, feel free to contact us.


There is great information on the Dog Gone Safe and Stop the 77 pages to help kids learn how to interact with dogs safely, and also how to behave if a dog is doing something that makes them uncomfortable.  We are happy to come work with you to help your kids (and you) understand your dog, and assess any issues you are having as well.  Gigi’s Behavior Services also offers dog bite prevention presentations for schools.  Contact us if you would like to schedule a visit.