Skills and Manners Training

Skills training is how most people imagine dog training – group classes, working on verbal communication and hand signals for behavior like sit, down and come.  Our curriculum is geared to pet dogs and their families.  Learn to understand the process of teaching behaviors, how to add more challenge and build skills that work in real life.  We take the time to cover common problem behavior like jumping on greeting and counter surfing.  We also work on handling for grooming and vet care.  Classes are fun, and a great way to develop your relationship with your dog – no matter how long you have had them.

Seminars available

  • How To Train/Dog Body Language
  • Potty Training


Skills and Manners $199: Six 60 minute sessions

Due to COVID, Skills and Manners Class is currently being taught remotely.  Please see the remote consults section for more information.  In person Skills and Manners classes will return in July!

Skills and manners training with a certified instructor.  Dogs over 14 weeks with completed core vaccines may join class.  Dogs joining class must be friendly with people and dogs – and able to focus in a group environment.

  • Modern, reward based training methods
  • Learn how to train, and apply the skills learned to real life situations
  • Evening and weekend classes available
  • Small class size for lots of one on one attention