Welcome to the Family!

We seriously love dogs and are so excited that you are joining us in our mission, by helping one of the dogs in our program.  All of our Grads deserve the best, which is why we offer world class, post shelter support through Gigi’s Behavior Services.  The general public has access to our team of behavior professionals, but Gigi’s Grads get VIP treatment.  This page is your all access pass to any behavior support you need, now or later.

  • Access our How to Train and Dog Body Language or Potty Training seminars for free, using the code SM2021 at checkout.  These seminars will give you practical information you can use right away.
  • Puppy Passports is our online puppy behavior resource, this is available to everyone at no cost.  Many of the topics will be helpful for transitioning adult dogs into a new home.
  • Check out group classes to build your bond and learn how to help your Grad live up to their potential.  We offer Puppy Support Group for puppies 8 to 14 weeks at the start of class and Skills and Manners for dogs 16 weeks and up.  All Grads get 10% off class fees using the code ADOPT10 at check out.
  • One on one private behavior consults are available too.  We offer priority access for Gigi’s Grads!  Schedule a Gigi’s Grad Assessment to jump the line – you will start with a session remote or at Gigi’s to get established, then you can schedule follow up with your consultant remote, at Gigi’s or in your home.  All grads get 20% off private behavior modification using the code GRAD20 at checkout.


See the menu to the left to learn all about Behavior Services.  To schedule, please choose ‘schedule’ in the menu, then go to the Group Classes and Seminars OR Private Training tab.  For private training, use the filters to choose your instructor and one of the Grad session types, then find an hour long opening that will work for you.

  • Heather sees Grads remotely via Zoom for their first meeting.  Any human-directed aggressive or fearful behaviors that would make it challenging for a dog to come to Gigi’s will do best with this type of session.  Separation related behaviors (separation anxiety) are also best addressed remote.  Heather is happy to see any behavior as a remote meeting to get started
  • Dawn sees Grads in-person at Gigi’s for their first meeting.  If you prefer to start in person and your dog will be happy and comfortable coming on site and meeting a new person you can choose to work with Dawn.  Dawn especially enjoys working with dogs that need some skills and manners help and puppies


Need help, but our services are stretching your budget?  Apply for a scholarship!  

We want to be able to provide you with the help you need to keep your Grad and live happily ever after.  If you need financial help with class or private session fees, we have support plans in place.  Gigi’s Behavior Services offers high quality services with certified and experienced behavior professionals.  The profit we make by working with the public goes back to helping shelter dogs, so we can consider scholarships for those that need them.  Please complete our short application and we will review and get back to you within 72 hours.  You can schedule in the meantime, and if a scholarship is granted, we will be happy to issue a refund.


Want to send some extra love back to Gigi’s?  If you choose not to use the Grad coupon codes, you are choosing to support those who might not be able to afford our services to get the help they need and support our mission to Improve the Lives of Shelter Dogs.  Thank you!