Private Behavior Modification Sessions

*Due to COVID – these sessions will be seen remotely.  Additional information under the remote consults option.

Behavior modification sessions are the best fit when a dog’s behavior challenges rise above what can be addressed by teaching skills and manners.  Your consultant will help determine what motivates your dog to do the behaviors, develop a plan to address the concerns and then coach and troubleshoot through the plan.  If needed, our Veterinary Behaviorist can work directly with your veterinarian to provide behavioral medicine support.  Choose this type of meeting if you are seeing any of the following behaviors:

  • Leash aggression
  • Fearful of interactions with people or dogs
  • Aggressive behavior directed at people or dogs
  • Protective/guarding behavior
  • Separation/isolation related behavior problems
  • Handling concerns – freeze/growl/bite when touching
  • Too worked up to play nicely/aggressive behavior when stopping play
  • Unable to focus on you/do known behavior around people or dogs
  • Repetitive/difficult to interrupt behavior
  • Very restless/unable to settle/hyper vigilant

What should I expect?

The initial session is longer, allowing your consultant to gather a full history and assess the behavior concerns.  We will set expectations and goals, then establish a safety and management plan.  In most cases, some foundation behaviors will be started in that first meeting.  A full review of the behavior, recommendations, resources and behavior modification plan will be provided.  We will coordinate with other pet professionals you are working with as needed.  During follow up sessions, we will provide coaching and support to help you progress through the behavior modification plan.  Adjustments can be made based on what works best for you and changes in goals as needed.

How much will sessions cost?

  • Initial private behavior modification – $200
  • Follow up private behavior modification – $125
  • Vet-to-vet consultation – $50


All clients are welcome to schedule and purchase one session at a time, for those who would like a package, we do offer follow up session packages.  We prefer to meet new clients for the initial session and only offer the follow up as packages.  This allows you to choose if we are the right fit prior to any commitment to multiple sessions.

  • 3 session package $330
  • 6 session package $645

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