Private Behavior Modification Sessions

Behavior modification sessions are the best fit when a dog’s behavior challenges rise above what can be addressed by teaching skills and manners.  Your consultant will help determine what motivates your dog to do the behaviors, develop a plan to address the concerns and then coach and troubleshoot through the plan.  If needed, our Veterinary Behaviorist can work directly with your veterinarian to provide behavioral medicine support.  Choose this type of meeting if you are seeing any of the following behaviors:

    • Leash reactivity
    • Fearful of interactions with people or dogs
    • Reactive behavior directed at people or dogs
    • Protective/guarding behavior
    • Separation/isolation related behavior problems
    • Handling concerns – freeze/growl/bite when touching
    • Unruly play behaviors
    • Lack of focus/difficulty with attention
    • Repetitive/difficult to interrupt behavior
    • Overactive behavior, general unruliness

What should I expect?

The initial session is longer, allowing your consultant to gather a full history and assess the behavior concerns.  We will set expectations and goals, then establish a safety and management plan.  In most cases, some foundation behaviors will be started in that first meeting.  A full review of the behavior, recommendations, resources and behavior modification plan (with expected number of sessions) will be provided.  We will coordinate with other pet professionals you are working with as needed.  During follow up sessions, we will provide coaching and support to help you progress through the behavior modification plan.  Adjustments can be made based on what works best for you and changes in goals as needed.

Where will we meet?

Anywhere!  We offer several different options for consults.  You can switch between the options as it makes sense for your family and budget:

  • At home consults for clients in Central Ohio – we can come to your home or meet in the community *within 30 miles of Canal Winchester
  • At Gigi’s consults are convenient if you have other pets that will distract from working with the dog in training, if you prefer not to have us come to your home, need to work in an environment outside of the home to address the behavior or live outside our travel range *our facility is in Canal Winchester
  • Remote consults via Zoom will continue to be available. These are ideal if you aren’t comfortable working in person, your dog is not comfortable with unfamiliar people in their environment and would not be able to eat/come out/settle when the consultant in in their space.  Separation related behavior is often best worked remotely, we use the technology during training to observe behavior and the consultant often just distracts the dog. *Remote sessions can only be scheduled with Heather at this time

How do I schedule?

New clients should click the ‘schedule’ option in the menu to the left.  Choose the private training schedule, pick your consultant in the filters, then look for a 2 hour opening (teal block) to schedule one of the initial sessions (all say New Client) in the title.  There are limited new client sessions each week, and we often book several weeks out.  To get on the waitlist, book, then complete your history form in the confirmation email.  We will contact you if we can get you in earlier.  If you are concerned that the level of behavior is a safety risk, also reach out and ask for a management plan.  *Remote sessions can only be scheduled with Heather at this time

How much will sessions cost?

  • @Remote Initial Consultation (New Client) – 90 min – $175
  • @Remote Follow Up Consultation – 60 min – $125
  • @Remote Follow Up Consultation – 30 min – $70
  • @Gigi’s Initial Consultation (New Client) – 120 min – $200
  • @Gigi’s Follow Up Consultation – 60 min – $125
  • @Home Initial Consultation (New Client) – 120 min – $250
  • @Home Follow Up Consultation – 60 min – $150
  • Vet-to-vet consultation – $75

*Remote sessions can only be scheduled with Heather at this time

*In home sessions are only offered within 30 miles of Gigi’s, which is in Canal Winchester

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